Some information about who we are and what we do

The Cowboy State Volunteers is, as the name states, a group of volunteers who utilize General Aviation aircraft to provide the people of Wyoming airborne support for Search and Rescue operations, Disaster Relief, Organ Transportation, Transportation of Search and Rescue Personnel and Search Dogs involved in SAR or DR activities, support of Local Law Enforcement and other Flight Operations which benefits the people of Wyoming through the State of Wyoming or the Wyoming National Guard and Wyoming Air National Guard (also known as; the Wyoming Military District).

The Cowboy State Volunteers provides airborne support to the people of Wyoming in light, General Aviation aircraft. These aircraft are not owned or paid for by the Taxpayer, but are provided by Wyoming Pilots. We fly our own airplanes. Thus, the pilot is usually operating an airplane with which they are very familiar. We do have some training which pilots and crew attend. You will be taught proper and effective methods to conduct Search Operations, scanning techniques and tactics to increase your effectiveness as a Search Crew. For pilots, we will teach you how to be an effective SAR Pilot. Search Flying, and particularly Mountain Search Flying has different demands and requires a different knowledge and skill set than the usual General Aviation Pilot has developed. This training is provided free of charge.

“Okay, sounds great. But what about the ‘Hassle Factor’?” CSV tries to minimize the ‘Hassle Factor’ as much as possible, yet still provide the service. All pilots must comply with the usual FAA Part 91 Flight Regulations, and the CSV does have a few internal regulations, which are minimal, and are based upon many years of experience with Mountain Search Operations. The aircraft is yours. You and the crew will only operate flights with which the crew is comfortable. Paperwork is kept to a minimum and, for the most part, is limited to that which applies to the specific flights which you operate. Annual dues for membership is $30.

The Cowboy State Volunteers is working to get training funding so that fuel and oil expenses are covered during training exercises.  The CSV will require that any entity that wants us for a mission will pay for the actual fuel and oil expenses. Efforts are underway to try and eventually get some funding to go toward maintenance but that is a work in progress.  Should these efforts come to fruition, maintenance and overhaul funds would likely be held in a separate account and be paid directly to your maintenance facility based on the number of hours that you fly actual missions. For those with a commercial certificate this will not be a problem but we may not be able to provide this for anyone with just a private certificate. How’s that for an incentive to get your commercial certificate?

Cowboy State Volunteers does not restrict the type of aircraft (high wing, low wing, single engine or multi) which you may fly. However, the aircraft type must conform to the mission type. Transport missions maybe flown in a low wing, high performance airplane because of its speed and capabilities. Search mission usually require a high wing airplane where the high wing is more advantageous for searching. Regardless, your aircraft must be able to meet any of the listed missions to receive training fuel and oil.  You must also have a mountain flying course to do the search and rescue and if you don’t we will provide the training with both ground and air instruction.  You will have to supply an aircraft for the initial training as well as the fuel and oil.

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